Intellectual Property on Web Sites Now Protected
Evertrust.net introduces Evertrust Web- a digital signature and time-stamping solution to protect documents, images, and content published on Web sites

Lafayette (San Francisco), California--September 17, 2002 - Evertrust.net, a provider of digital time-stamping solutions that protect the integrity of digital documents and Web sites, today announced the release of Evertrust Web™ version 2.0. Evertrust Web is a service that enables organizations to better protect their intellectual property (IP), help avoid frivolous litigation and meet regulatory requirements by providing authoritative records of content published on the Web.

According to Gartner Inc., "Web content will increasingly be protected through content validation tools, digital signatures and digital rights management in the face of frequent, high-profile Web content compromises that will erode confidence and threaten intellectual property. Eighty percent of commercial Web sites, and 60 percent of government and nonprofit Web sites, will use one or more of these tools by 2003."(1)

Evertrust Web securely time-stamps and digitally signs every document, graphic or image file on a Web site on a daily basis using the XML Digital Signature Standard (2). This process guarantees that an organization has irrefutable proof of publication of their digital assets. Monthly, customers receive an archive of their Web site on CD which includes all digital assets, signed time-stamps and a daily signed log of what was publicly available from their Web site. Quarterly, Evertrust Web sends copies of the Web site to the U.S. Copyright office for registration.

"On our Web site we sponsor an angel investment section. It is critical for Thomson Associates to have an irrefutable record of precisely what was stated on our Web site and when was it displayed," said Bill Thomson, President and CEO of Thomson Associates of Toronto. "Evertrust Web keeps that information on a daily basis. Good record keeping can prevent frivolous lawsuits, and now I am covered with digitally signed and time-stamped copies of my Web site on a daily basis."

Many organizations today have no reliable record of what was on their Web site beyond three months. This causes unnecessary exposure to civil litigation where an organization's Web site can be used as evidence. Also many industries, such as securit ies, banking, and insurance have record retention regulations for communications with the public . Both these concerns are addressed by Evertrust Web. One year after the successful launch of Evertrust Web 1.0, over two million Web files have been digitally signed and time-stamped. Customer feedback has been incorporated to develop customer-centric product features and enhancements. Evertrust Web 2.0 is now available for commercial use in the United States and Canada.

"Evertrust Web™ provides a valuable service for any company or organization that needs to keep records of published data and wants to have their Copyright registered," said Thomas F. Gosnell, president and CEO of Evertrust.net. "Evertrust Web places no overhead on IT or Legal Departments and is a very cost effective way of securing digital information and maintaining good business practices."

Availability and Pricing

Evertrust Web is available immediately at the cost of $500 U.S./month.

About Evertrust.net

Evertrust.net secures digital information through standards-based digital time-stamping and electronic signature technology. Evertrust.net develops and markets digital time-stamping solutions that protect the integrity of digital documents, and Web sites and provide archival services for research conducted on the Web.

Evertrust.net secures and manages the authoritative record keeping of digital documents through a portfolio of Web services for consumers, professionals, and enterprises worldwide. Founded in July 2000, Evertrust.net today boasts over 2 million digitally signed time-stamped documents. For more information on Evertrust.net and its products and services, please visit the corporate Web site at http://www.evertust.net or call toll free 1 866 237 4461.


Copyright© 2002 AESign Evertrust Inc. All rights reserved. Evertrust and Evertrust.net are trademarks of AESign Evertrust Inc. All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.

(1) Security, Privacy and Risk Management: 2002 and Beyond, Gartner Inc.
(2) IETF / W3C: XML-Signature Sy ntax and Processing (RFC 3275)

Evertrust Web vs. 2.0

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Susan Hurst

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