Thomson Associates has developed a highly effective service offering refined over many years and proven with our established client base. Fundamental to our services is the company's long-standing reputation of excellence and integrity within the domestic and international business community. Strategically placed at the centre of financial and commercial networks, Thomson Associates offers clients a distinctive advantage in achieving business goals. Below is a brief overview of Thomson Associates' powerful service offering.

Thomson Associates are specialists in areas of corporate finance and investment banking services, including short and long term financing, private placements of debt and equity, Initial Public Offerings (IPO), Reverse Takeovers (RTO), leasing (both on and off-balance sheet), and Mergers & Acquisitions.

With a well-earned reputation of integrity and professionalism among lenders and investors, Thomson Associates excel in building and maintaining solid relationships with stakeholders.

Corporate Governance & Development
Thomson Associates provides short and long term strategic planning and leadership to ensure our client's continuing stability and profitability.

We counsel boards of directors and CEOs on strategy and tactics, advise boards of directors regarding corporate governance, and nominate directors and board committee members.

Thomson Associates is unique within the business community through our long-standing reputation for successfully operating companies during periods of change for the benefit of all stakeholders.

While we advise existing management on the implementation of plans or policies, Thomson Associates also provides the senior personnel to accomplish such implementation including operating functional departments. By facilitating operations for our clients, Thomson Associates provides this critical differentiating factor within the business community.

Thomson Associates has earned a solid reputation in the area of crisis management and management of change to facilitate a company's turnaround to profitability.

Specializing in steering clients through unpredictable times when new and unfamiliar events occur, Thomson Associates provide the know-how to enable clients to deal with difficulties arising from financial issues, the necessity of raising monies, poor sales and marketing, new product introduction or new competitors.

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