Corporate Overview

Thomson Associates Inc. is a leading merchant banking company specializing in providing corporate finance expertise and management leadership to businesses. Founded in 1978, Thomson Associates has developed a legacy of achievement in obtaining Private Equity and Equity-related capital for emerging growth companies, and in providing the critical guidance required by corporations to successfully steer though crisis and towards positive growth.

Thomson Associates is also focused on the operation of companies in crisis, monitoring the clients of financial institutions, counseling Boards of Directors, Chief Executive Officers and senior management during periods of change, growth, initial public offerings (IPO) and other financings, and general consulting and financial intermediation services. Thomson Associates has operated companies in diverse fields including information technology, manufacturing, hospitality, forest products, medical services, financial services, transportation, and tier two automotive supplies.

Our Philosophy

Thomson Associates believes strongly that any action the company takes reflects its values and image to the general public. We believe in tough but ethically fair business dealings in every relationship we build, and strive to instill that attitude in each business decision we make on behalf of our clients. In our industry, you are known by the company you keep; and we keep good company.

Thomson Associates is bound by the very strictest of business ethics. With over twenty years of experience in such a client based industry, Thomson Associates has thrived, and so has its good name.

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