Innovation Israel Evening Workshop Series
Wednesday, May 12, 2004 and Thursday, May 13, 2004

Tax Assisted Investing Made Easy
Learn how Canadian tax subsidies can halve the cost of investing in Israeli technology companies


  • Michael Fromstein, CA, MBA, MSc,
  • Gideon Shalom-Bendor, BA, MBA
  • Chanan Steinhart
  • William E. Thomson, B.Comm, CA

Recent Federal Government budgets have impacted the ability to create legitimate tax shelters and CRA assessing policy further restricts the remaining scope from a practical perspective. Traditional tax shelters such as labour-sponsored funds are increasingly viewed as poor investments, and are no longer well received by the market.

The model for reducing taxes payable is changing to participating in tax-assisted investments. And making prudent investment and tax decisions early, acting on a business timetable rather than the tax calendar can significantly impact the amount of tax owing.

There is the misconception that tax-assisted investing is a risky, complex and time consuming process with little return for effort expended. In fact, tax-assisted investing can reduce your equity investment risk, by potentially halving your out-of-pocket costs without impacting your potential returns. Some would say that taking advantage of the flow-through tax deductions available is just as important as contributing to an RRSP.

This workshop is designed to take the mystique out of flow-through tax deductions and provide a straightforward explanation of the process. This includes discussing the importance of ensuring there is a binding ruling from CCRA on your investment product. In addition, we will explain the tax consequences of gifting shares of Canadian public corporations to charity.

Four professionals will lead this event. Michael Fromstein, CA, Tax Principal, SF Group, is an expert in developing tax-assisted investments for Canadian investors. Chanan Steinhart, CEO of Innovation Israel Management, specializes in corporate finance and business consulting for early stage and small public corporations, and is currently the principal in a Silicon Valley based marketing consulting firm for companies in the hi-tech area. Gideon Shalom-Bendor is CEO at Cytoview, an Israeli technology company established in 2002 as a start-up with a view to developing software tools for assisting life science research via molecular imagery analysis. William E. Thomson, president of Thomson Associates Inc. has extensive expertise in developing and executing exit strategies for companies, to enable shareholders to maximize the returns on their corporate investments.

Learn about:

  • The benefits of tax-assisted investments
  • Finding the right Israeli technology investments
  • Exit strategies to optimize return on investment

For background on Innovation Israel, please visit www.innovationisrael.com

This workshop is sponsored by Innovation Israel with the support of the Israeli Economic Mission to Canada.


Wednesday, May 12
SF Partnership, LLP, The Madison Centre,
4950 Yonge Street, Suite 400, Toronto
Registration 6:30pm, the program commences at 6:45pm sharp and ends at 7:45pm.

Thursday, May 13
Fasken Martineau, Law Offices
Toronto Dominion Bank Tower, Suite 3600, Calvin Boardroom,
66 Wellington Street West, Toronto-Dominion Centre
Registration 6:00pm, the program commences at 6:15pm sharp and ends at 7:15pm.


RSVP by email at michael@thomsonassociates.com fax 416-368-5454 or call Michael Applebaum at 416-947-1300.

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